Our Products

Warehouse Management Information System

  • Common management of unlimited clients, warehouses and locations
  • Known storage technologies (Block, Row, High Warehouse, Accessible Stand etc.)
  • Application of bar code technology, RFID possibilities
  • Optional stock control strategies ( FIFO, FEFO,LIFO, etc)
  • Full-scale SARZS, LOT control
  • Package management
  • Management of several movement types (Warehousing, Removal, Manipulation, Comimssioning, etc)
  • Process management, performance measurement
  • Optional commissioning technologies (based on product feature /weight, volume, stackability / pathway optimization)
  • Stock management (Min, Max, Average etc)
  • Optimized location (product feature, based on warehouse parameters)
  • VMI technology
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions: Resource optimization, Pathway optimization, Context sensitive learning
  • ADR Warehousing technology

Transport Management Information System

  • International and domestic FTL order management
  • International and domestic distributive order management, collective transport
  • Service and maintenance module
  • Fleet management
  • Order and resource based profit and loss account and cost allocation
  • Communication with GPS systems (Web-eye)
  • Preliminary and re-calculation
  • Flexible tour organization
  • Measurement of resource performance and utilization
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions: Resource optimization, Pathway optimization, Context sensitive learning

Trade and Sales Information System

  • Full-scale stock management
  • Customer order management, online reservation
  • Automatic generation of supplier's order
  • Complaint management, measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Contract records, automatic data transfer
  • Offer and negotiation report records
  • Parameterizable tariff (discounts, sales, customer card management)
  • Invoicing (advance and final invoicing, currency settings)
  • Generation of ABC analyses, product portfolio analyses
  • Cost allocation possibilities,
  • Automatic task generation functions (transport, services, etc..)
  • Modern interface possibilities towards the financial systems

DataWareHouse Management and Decision Support Information System

  • Full integrability with professional systems (SH, TH, TH2, CH)
  • Dynamically configurable queries, reports
  • Data mining according to authorization level

Controlling and Resource Optimization System

Human Resources Module:

  • HR records (employees, wages, other allowances)
  • Worktime records, output transfer towards the financial system
  • Bonus, premium management, evaluation system based on the professional systems
  • Recording and writing employment contracts
  • Job description wizard
  • Statistic reports
  • Hired workers recording module
  • Training recording module
  • Electronic work and fire protection records

Business Module:

  • Transferring basic performance data from the professional systems
  • Controlling reports, automatic diagram wizard
  • Cost recording and distribution module
  • Full-scale invoicing module
  • Break-even point calculation
  • Physical assets records