Our Services

Design and Execution of Logistic Systems

A well developed logistic system cannot operate efficiently in itself, but integrated with each and every function of an enterprise. We have extensive experience in the IT, administrative and operative development of logistic systems. We are familiar with both traditional and modern warehousing, transport and packing technologies.

Physical Process Management

We feel and take full responsibility for the systems we have designed and developed. Contrary to the methods applied on the market at present, our management fee includes the personal assistance during the first implementation phase. On demand, we undertake the re-examination of the existing processes and the improvement of their efficiency.

Device Selection, Tendering

On the home market investors are offered ever so many solutions with different technical content and costs. Our technical division undertakes to prepare the investment tender, tender potential suppliers and choose the optimal cost-effective offer.

Application Writing

After the EU accession several investment incentive programmes have been launched in Hungary. Thanks to our continuous monitoring activity we have thorough and up-to-date information on application opportunitiesWe undertake to find the optimal application opportunity for your investments and by cooperating we can complete a successful project. Contrary to the methods applied on the market at present, we get actively involved in every phase of the project. Keeping in view our partners' cost-effectiveness You only meet a payment liability in case of a successfully awarded support.

Human Resource Selection

Making use of our strong social capital and thorough knowledge basis we undertake to choose the human resources appropriate to the sys

Training, Documentation Management

The full scale document management of the systems we implement and the training on the different levels of the organization are done by qualified training experts.

Statistical Process Management

We profess that expert design and execution are not enough to achieve effective systems. It is important to continuously measure its operational output. Performance analysis is the basis of systematic optimization.

Quality Management

In order to operate successfully enterprises have to offer products or services that:

  • satisfy a well defined demand, application or goal;
  • meet the customer's expectations;
  • comply with the applicable standards and regulations;
  • satisfy society's legal (and other) requirements;
  • are available at a competitive price;
  • are profitable to produce.

Taking all these into consideration, we undertake to design, develop and operate new or existing quality management systems. We are highly experienced in the following series of standard: ISO 9001:2001,ISO 14000, HACCP, GMP, SPC.